Women from ethnic minorities have a strong presence in London. We can use data to find which areas they preside in as they could be useful candidates to target. For insight on how charities get their data, this is an interesting read: https://charitydigital.org.uk/topics/topics/how-charities-can-use-data-analytics-8443

Project Goals

The file named: ethnic_group_projections_london_2016.xlsx consists of anonymized data from data.gov.uk. https://data.gov.uk/dataset/1e465255-7c45-4860-bf4b-991c151d4ce7/population-of-england-and-wales-by-ethnicity

This dataset also contains predictions of the population till 2050.

Our task is to:

  • Provide exploratory analysis of the dataset
  • Recommendations that could be of use to the charity
  • Evaluate our findings

Step 1 – Provide exploratory analysis of the dataset

The things we can explore are:

  • Summary statistics
  • Interesting features
  • 2021 or further projections

Step 2 – Recommendations

We can set some rules to determine which recommendations we prioritise.

For example, we can make recommendations when:

  • We find a BAME hotspot in our data
  • Past data shows population trends emerging
  • Age of the population varies

Despite the appeal of the rules-based approach, it clearly has limitations but it is a great place to start.

Step 3 – Evaluate our findings


  • Compare each borough
  • Compare different age groups
  • Evaluate findings

This dataset is based on ethnic group projections produced for London borough, and provide detailed projection by 17 ethnic groups of London’s future population.

Two variants were produced:

  • A consistent with the 2016 based central trend projection
  • B consistent with the 2016 based housing-led projection

The 2016 based projections remain the most recent set of GLA ethnic group projections.

We can see that these numbers are skewed by the All persons count.

Question 1. Can we find ethnic minority hotspots in our data?

I obtained London Boroughs boundaries positional data from the London Data Store: https://skgrange.github.io/www/data/london_boroughs.json

Observation: Newham has the highest ethnic population in London, followed by Brent and Croydon with 113 and 111k respectively. The map shows us ethnic minorities preside mostly in North West London with the exception in Newham (East) and Croydon (South).

We can create an animated choropleth map with hotspots showing the projected population growth from 2011 to 2050. The slider should change the year of observation allowing the user to see differences in population over time.


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